Interactive Workshop

Workshop A | Tuesday, January 25
13.00 EST | 10.00 PST – 16.00 EST | 13.00 PST

Targeting LAG-3 in Autoimmunity & Neurodegeneration


LAG-3 has only been validated in cancer but our understanding of this target strongly suggests this isn’t its’ only potential therapeutic area. Autoimmune diseases could be considered a diametrically opposed status for the immune system compared to its role in cancer. Understanding the biology of LAG-3 and its pathology in different situations allows us to take full account of the fluctuant state that the immune system is in.

This workshop will address:

  • How promoting/inhibiting LAG-3 effects the behaviour and morphology of T-cells
  • The knock on effect these behaviours have on other immune cells
  • Different cell types we see LAG-3 present on and what we understand about the way LAG-3 acts on these different cell types in different autoimmune diseases
  • What the mechanism of action of a LAG-3 targeted therapeutic in immunity could be and what challenges a drug developer could face developing a drug of this kind


Workshop Leader:


Jon Piganelli, Associate Professor School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh