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8:30 am | Morning Networking

9:00 am Opening Remarks: Reviewing the Past 12 Months of LAG-3 Therapeutic Development


  • Major LAG-3 related developments in the past 12 months by the most relevant players
  • BMS validating LAG-3 at ASCO 2021 and other recent relevant developments
  • What to expect in the coming 12 months?

Current Clinical Strategies Targeting LAG-3 with Bispecific Antibodies in the Clinic

9:30 am A Novel Bispecific Checkpoint Inhibitor Antibody to Preferentially Block PD-1 & LAG-3 on TILs Whilst Sparing Treg Activation

  • Laura Codari Deak Team & Research Project Leader, Principal Scientist, Roche Innovation Center


  • Improved targeting to tumor-reactive T-cells rather than Tregs due to the selectivity gain and different expression patterns of PD-1 and LAG-3 on these two T-cell types
  • Reduced internalization
  • Fc silent-mediated resistance to drug-shaving by macrophages
  • Increased in vitro T-cell effector functions even in the presence of Tregs, and
  • Superiror in vivo tumor control/eradication in several mouse models compared to combination of monospecific anti-PD1 and anti-LAG-3 antibodies

10:00 am | Speed Networking


Grab a quick cup of tea or coffee from the comfort of your own home office and jump straight into the speed networking session. This is your opportunity to connect with new contacts from active companies in the field and exchange digital business cards. Network and form lasting connections through this exclusive virtual speed networking!

10:30 am Screen Break

11:00 am Rescuing Checkpoint Inhibitor FS118

  • Michelle Morrow VP, Preclinical Translational Pharmacology, F-Star Biotechnology


  • Understand the rationale of the bispecific approach
  • Get an update on the state of play for F-Star’s work in LAG-3

11:30 am Advancing Tebotelimab, a Bispecific PD-1 x LAG-3 DART Molecule, From Concept to Clinical Assessment

  • Paul Moore Vice President - Immunology & Cell Biology, MacroGenics


  • Optimizing molecular design to enable combinatorial PD-1 and LAG-3 blockade
  • Proof of concept clinical studies in DLBCL and various solid tumors
  • Translational biology and clinical biomarker analyses guiding avenues of development

Combination & Antibody Therapy Approaches

12:00 pm My Journey Through the LAG-3/MHC Class II Landscape: 1988-2021


  • What is LAG-3?
  • Its interaction with its main ligand MHC II.
  • Eftilagimod alpha: a soluble LAG-3 molecule used as an APC activator in phase II trials.

12:30 pm | Lunch Break

1:30 pm Targeting LAG-3 in Cancer Immunotherapy: Advancing Beyond PD-1 Blockade


  • Preclinical rationale for therapeutic LAG-3 and PD-1 co-targeting in cancer
  • Fianlimab (anti-LAG-3) & cemiplimab (anti-PD-1) – fully human antibodies for cancer immunotherapy
  • Translational biology to inform clinical development of fianlimab and cemiplimab combination

2:00 pm Primary Pharmacology of CB213, a LAG-3-PD1 Co-targeting Humabody™

  • Andrew Pierce Vice President - Translational Biology, Crescendo Biologics


  • CB213 is engineered to engage LAG-3 particularly on PD1 expressing cells
  • Human ex vivo and mouse syngeneic in vivo studies illustrate CB213 anti-tumor activity
  • Pharmacokinetics studies in non-human primates suggest weekly or biweekly clinical dosing of CB213

Overcoming Resistance of the Solid Tumor Microenvironment

2:30 pm Roche CDx is now Personalised Healthcare Solutions

  • Laurel Mckee Scientist & Senior Associate - Research, L Hoffman La Roche

2:30 pm | Afternoon Coffee Break

3:25 pm Phase I Dose Escalation Experience Of EMB-02 (a PD-1/ LAG-3 bsAb) In Multiple Countries (US, China & Others) Simultaneously

  • Shuqi Zeng Senior Director, Medical Epimab Biotherapeutics

3:55 pm Closing Remarks