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Cutting-edge Immunotherapy Treatments

Immutep is leading the development of immunotherapy for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Leadership in LAG-3 Immunotherapy

We are global leaders in the understanding and development of therapeutics that relate to Lymphocyte Activation Gene-3 or "LAG-3” which is a cell surface molecule that plays a vital role in regulating the immune system. LAG-3 was discovered by our Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Frederic Triebel, putting Immutep at the forefront of immunotherapy drugs for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Our objective is to harness and strengthen the power of the body’s own immune system through therapeutic intervention for the benefit of patients’ health. This is how immunotherapy fights cancer and autoimmune disease.


Our LAG-3 Immunotherapy Product Candidates

We have three clinical and one pre-clinical LAG-3 related product candidates under development, including two antibodies for modulating immune responses in cancer and autoimmunity, being advanced through pharmaceutical partnerships, with Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

Our lead product candidate is eftilagimod alpha (LAG-3Ig or IMP321), a first-in-class antigen presenting cell (APC) activator currently being investigated in clinical trials as a treatment (in combination with chemotherapy or immune therapy) for various cancer indications.

  1. Eftilagimod alpha (IMP321) - immunotherapy for cancer
  2. IMP761 - preclinical immunotherapy for autoimmune disease
  3. LAG525 or leramilimab (IMP701) - immunotherapy for solid tumors, blood cancer and breast cancer (partnered with Novartis)
  4. GSK‘781 (IMP731) - immunotherapy in autoimmune diseases (partnered with GSK)

Immutep is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (IMM) and on the NASDAQ Global Market (IMMP) in the U.S. (ADR's).

Team Members


Marc Voigt

Chief Executive Officer


Frederic Triebel

Chief Scientific and Medical Officer